Physician Quality Reporting Transition

1. I have already submitted my documentation to EUS to be approved as an SO for my Organization. Will EUS forward my application to QualityNet or will I have to submit new information to QualityNet?
No, EUS will complete your request and QualityNet will not require new documentation upon approval by EUS. Once your account has been approved, you will need to contact QualityNet for account or application related issues. If your application is rejected then you will have to resubmit your information to QualityNet.
2. My login screen indicates that I have to certify my account. It lists QualityNet as the Help Desk. EUS setup my account, who is QualityNet?
All Physician Quality Reporting users have been transitioned to a new help desk managed by QualityNet for CMS in support of IACS. Please go to Physician Quality Reporting QualityNet Site for information on QualityNet and the Physician Quality Reporting transition.
3. EUS sent me a request to submit another type of approved IRS documentation for my Organization; however, the website indicates that I should be calling QualityNet. Why is EUS still contacting me?
EUS will complete SO requests that have been received prior to November 12, 2010. All SO requests after that date must be submitted to QualityNet.
4. My account has been archived. Which helpdesk should I contact? EUS approved my IACS request before. What do I do?
Once your account has been archived you must start the process all over. Please contact QualityNet for further assistance.
5. Do I need two IACS accounts to request access for my organization to both the PS&R and Physician Quality Reporting applications?
You can only have one IACS account per Legal Business Name and Tax Identification Number. Please contact the help desk that approved your account for further assistance.
6. I am a potential IACS, Physician Quality Reporting user. I have general questions about the process for setting up an account and my organization. Where can I obtain additional information on IACS and Physician Quality Reporting?
CMS through the Medical Learning Network (MLN) maintains a webpage that keeps the provider community, including Physician Quality Reporting users aware of changes to IACS. Please select the following link to access CMS IACS website.
7. My profile indicates that I have to recertify my account. I previously submitted all required Physician Quality Reporting SO registration forms and/or IRS tax documentation to the EUS Helpdesk. Do I have to submit new documentation to QualityNet?
At this time you are not required to submit the same IRS documents. However, if you don't submit your recertification within 45 days, your IACS account will be archived. You will then have to start the SO process over again with the QualityNet helpdesk.
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